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This article has been cited by
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Rasha Th. El-Eryan,Safaa S. Toubar,Azza A. Ashour,Mona S. Elshahed
51A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Cesspits from Late Medieval and Post-Medieval Brussels, Belgium: Diet and Health in the Fourteenth to Seventeenth Centuries 
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71High-Prevalence Stunting in Preschool Children (1–5 Years) Attending Selected Health Centers in a Food Rich Area-Bushenyi District Southwestern Uganda
Douglas Mugarura,Herbert Izo Ninsiima,Hellen Kinyi,Ejike Daniel Eze,Sam Tumwesigire,Prossy Mbekeeka,Andrew Ndamira,José María Huerta
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73Soil-transmitted Helminthiasis in India
John S. Murray
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